Work Log: Ottilee

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Ottilee is a traditional(ish) wedding registry for modern day couples. Founded by a newlywed who was uninspired by what was available through big box registries, Katie created Ottilee to connect handmade and high-design makers with couples who would like to register for unique, modern and heirloom homeware.

Our initial project with Ottilee was helping Katie re-imagine the visual identity - we did this through a series of new marks, illustrations, an energetic color palette, and a disruptive photography style. Katie gave us the mood below and we translated that into three logo concepts.

We’ve now done multiple shoots for Ottilee as well as designing the gifting experience collateral.


Work Logged.

+ Strategy

+ logo system

+ spot illustrations

+ Color Palette

+ Typefaces

+ Photography

+ collateral

+ Business Cards

original inspiration provided.

original inspiration provided.





Screen Shot 2018-12-02 at 5.57.43 PM.png

This logo uses a drop cap “O” mark which is affixed to the logotype, but is easily recognized when standing alone.


Screen Shot 2018-12-02 at 5.58.20 PM.png

Inspired by a wedding band, this logo uses two tones to lead your eyes around the infinite circular pattern.


Screen Shot 2019-08-12 at 6.57.21 PM.png

This concept uses lines of varying thickness as an ode to calligraphy. Paired with Didot, a font claimed by high end items + Vogue, this would play well in the wedding industry.


Chosen Concept: Retro


Secondary logo

Artboard 5.png
Artboard 1.png
Artboard 4.png


Artboard 2.png


Artboard 3.png


Artboard 1.png






Screen Shot 2019-08-13 at 3.08.40 PM.png







For the photo content we wanted to show the product being used in a playful way between couples. Scenes were arranged with nostalgic or unusual foods and show couples interacting with the product in the way they were intended… or not. We balanced this playfulness with a high flash, high contrast photography style; showcasing the Ottilee line in an elevated yet relatable way.


no glass by the pool





Aside from the quality, another way Ottilee sets itself apart is the gifting process. Katie wanted every touch point to feel purposeful and authentic while being efficient and convenient for the happy couple.

We designed a series of thank you notes which come in an Ottilee branded keepsake box when the couple registers. In addition, we created gift notes which the couple receives with a photo of the item purchased + personal note from the gifter. As gift notes roll in, they can be stored in the keepsake box and easily traded out for a thank you to send back.






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Marfa Invitational x Sol Society

Travel Log:


We were invited by Taylor Madison of Sol Society to attend the first ever Marfa Invitational; “part contemporary art fair, part exhibition, part experience” curated and organized by Michael Phelan and Ken Bauso. For one weekend, ten international galleries were under the same roof, each displaying a single featured artist’s work. A painting by Tomoo Gokita sold for $140,000, some artists sold every piece within hours of opening - from Houston to Berlin, attending galleries were warmly welcomed by visiting collectors.

Taylor Madison, travel mogul and vision behind The Simple Sol / Sol Society, got wind of this event and had the foresight to know it would be something incredible - she did an amazing job pulling the group together and getting us premium access to the experiences. Along with Taylor and our photographer Marshall Cox were Courtney Anderson - owner and maker behind Arrowwood Designs, Allison Crawford - interior designer and creator of Hotelette, and Makenzi Hogan - founder of Austin based marketing concierge East 72nd.

As VIPs, we were able to attend a preview of the exhibition opening night and dinner at the Hotel Saint George pool + garden. The next day was nothing less than spectacular with sunset cocktails at the breathtaking ranch home of Douglas Friedman, photographer for Architectural Digest known as The Facinator, with Douglas Friedman himself, artists, gallerists, VIPs, and local makers/artists. As the sun tucked itself away, people trickled over to the lovely Melissa Bent and Michael Phelan’s home for dinner. An evening drenched in views, conversation, and ranch water - it was truly an experience. The final event of the inaugural fair was a seated dinner at Capri prepared by chef Rocky Barnette. Capri is an experience in and of itself, the 8+ expertly prepared courses took it to another level.

A huge success - we are so happy to have been a part of the first Marfa Invitational. Marfa has been ingrained with our brand since its origin. Minimalism is fully realized there and it’s something that never ceases to inspire. Take a look at our weekend in Marfa:


April 7th

+ 8 hours on the road
+ check in at corte del norte
+ marfa invitational opening


April 8th

+ Coffee at do your thing
+ shopping

Ashley rowe
Cobra rock boot company
mano mercantile

+ lunch at pizza foundation
+ cocktails at friedman ranch
+ dinner at michael phelan and melissa bent’s home
+ nightcap at lost horse saloon


April 9th

+ Coffee at do your thing
+ shopping

marfa soap company
garza marfa

+ Galleries

ballroom marfa
pure joy

+ dinner at capri by chef rocky barnette
+ marfa lights


April 10th

+ Coffee at do your thing
+ Chinati foundation
+ prada marfa
+ monahans sand hills
+ 8 hours on the road


Special Thanks -

Thank you Taylor Madison and Sol Society for having us. Thank you Marfa Invitational for an unforgettable experience.


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Editorial: Scandinavian Cowgirl for Flanelle Magazine


makeup + Hair

Lacey Salas


Lela Orr + Lea Nyland


Alexis King

all clothing is by zero-waste, eco-luxury brand ferrah.


we did zero skin retouching on this editorial.

Work Log: Southcott Threads


Southcott Threads

Founded by Amy Graham in Dallas, Texas - Southcott is a line of contemporary casuals for women seeking better everyday wear. Made sustainably from bamboo cotton and to fit every body shape, their clothes boast comfort and quality for all.

We’ve had the pleasure of working with Southcott a number of times now and have shot up to sixty looks in less than eight hours. The team is always well directed by Angela George of By George Partners, and we’re so grateful she pulled us in on this project.


Work Logged.




We developed a sharp, minimal, and clean e-commerce aesthetic that puts focus on the unique cuts seen throughout the tops and dresses.


In Use:


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Work Log: Revive Mobile Wellness



REVIVE mobile wellness is Dallas’ premiere mobile medical spa service where their priority is your comfort and your convenience. REVIVE was founded and is run by RN Patty McCoy and Dr. Sean Black who both come from a background in the ER. The beauty of REVIVE is they bring their office to you and are very discreet. You can throw a party for your service or keep it a secret.

In our conversations about the brand and image - we agreed to go in a strong educational route. We didn’t want to play in to vanity or insecurities - we wanted to give the straight facts and let the customer decide their motive. It was super interesting learning the medical benefits of the products aside from the cosmetic benefits. Regarding to strategy and the target market, we wanted the services to be appealing to all. In the initial concepting, we offered the following three options:


Work Logged.

+ Strategy

+ Logo

+ Color Palette

+ Typefaces

+ Photography

+ post-production

+ Web design

+ social templates

+ Business Cards



Screen Shot 2018-12-02 at 5.57.43 PM.png

With the med spa industry generally leaning toward middle age or older women, we wanted a concept more appealing to all. We used very bold and matter-of-fact language educating the consumer on the benefits rather than influencing them. This with a high contrast photo and design style is intended to get the point across and let the customer make up their own mind.


Screen Shot 2018-12-02 at 5.58.20 PM.png

This concept pulled on abstract shapes to symbolize structure, perfection, and lift while staying in a muted color palette open for interpretation. The abstract shapes keep the identity a little more concealed which might be appreciated by the clients who may have been burned by the industry in the past or want to keep things on the down-low.


Screen Shot 2018-12-02 at 5.58.40 PM.png

The banner on the original REVIVE website was a splash of water. The reviving property of water was something that had inspired Patty when thinking about the brand. The puddle of water and drop falling into it inspired a plump, smooth style throughout the type and a fluid, organic style through the illustrations.


Chosen Concept: Neutral




Internal Exploration


presented concepts

Screen Shot 2018-12-02 at 7.23.45 PM.png

Sans-Serif Option

The logotype stays very clean, simple, and modern. The mark was inspired by the word Revive: The Latin word vivere, meaning “to live,” gives us the root viv. Words from the Latin vivere have something to do with living. To survive is to remain alive. To revive is to bring back to life. To be vivacious is to be full of life. These are all things we see in the Revive Mobile Wellness brand story. We played off of that and created something with VIV in the middle, reflected off an M and W for mobile wellness, completely locked into a single geometric mark.

This concept was chosen.


serif option

The logotype starts out broken and ends complete, symbolizing the revitalization this brand brings to their customers. Staying true to classic yet modern approaches to typography, we wanted to show a serif option that leans into both the older audience, younger audience, and the stencil effect creates a bit of a masculine balance. The mark has a simple plus sign inspired by the universal medical red cross symbol, alluding to the fact that this brand is medical without giving it away. Adding to the inspiration, there is a 1 that the R stencil creates, symbolizing that it is for you rather than for society to accept you.

Screen Shot 2018-12-02 at 7.23.23 PM.png

Mark revisions














Photography + Post-Production.



For the photography, we used a high flash style with stark shadows to bring out the boldness of the concept. Since we’re working with a pretty monochromatic color palette, we used GIF animations to grab people’s attention rather than color. A questionable decision was the vast use of syringes due to some people’s fear of needles; we decided the use of them in a fun modern way could work in our favor to make needles less scary and more approachable.



To match the brand colors perfectly, we shot the syringes on a bright colored set with high contrast; this way we would have good structure and light, but could isolate and adjust the color in post.


Web Design.


Once we had the identity locked down and the photography was done, pulling the website together had more to do with strategy than creativity. We approached the wireframe similarly to the other websites we’ve created: draw people in with bits of information, stunning creative, and give them the option to find out more but don’t overwhelm them right off the bat. We created this website with Squarespace where we are Circle Members and can extend a 20% discount + extended free trial to our clients. You can check out the full website here.

Phone Template.png


Social Templates.


REVIVE has a heavy presence on Instagram mainly using before/after photos and testimonials to educate followers + witty quotes to keep them entertained. To create more consistency with the overall brand image, we gave them three social templates to use: one for before & afters, one for quotes, and one for phrases. We preloaded each of these into the Canva app with the correct color settings and fonts for REVIVE to simply swap out the photos or copy.


Business Cards.

Artboard 3@0,25x.png

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Editorial: Movement for iMirage Magazine

Movement is an original post-production story by Secretary combining photography with design. It showcases a range of motion & emotion through the posing, design elements, & minimal styling.


Work Log: Indigo Child



Indigo Child is a luxury hair salon where clients get a full treatment every time. Indigo Child is built on positivity, on the simple idea that ALL eyes are on YOU. Their talented stylists thrive on the energy you bring, and they are united in the sole purpose of helping you bring that energy out into the world.

The concept for the name Indigo Child came from the owner Sarah's experience with an aura reading where she was told she is an Indigo Child. Indigo Children are highly intelligent, perceptive, empathetic, & strong willed. Their strong intuition & perception relates to the sixth chakra, or third eye, which is the inspiration for the logo. We wanted to go a classic luxury route that isn't "trendy", but also isn't stale. In the initial concepting, we offered the following three options:


Work Logged.

+ Logo

+ Typefaces

+ Color Palette

+ Photography

+ Illustrations

+ Brand Pattern

+ Branded Phrases

+ Business Cards



initial exploration_Page_5.jpg

The concept of Indigo Children was a new age term coined in the 70’s. With this concept, we'd to pay homage to that era in a subtle, yet classic way. The colors would be bright & the logo + illustrations would be minimal, incorporating organic curves while staying geometric. We'd create a custom logo-type for the storefront (inspired by the Vada in the right corner).


initial exploration_Page_6.jpg

Indigo Children are extremely spiritual. This concept leans into the classic style of illustration when thinking of mystic branding. We would pair the classic illustration style with a modern high x-height typeface. Another option would be to do a custom marbling (similar to bottom left) for a pattern


initial exploration_Page_7.jpg

In order to keep current but stay classic, line illustrations are always a respectable way to go. We could play into the Chakra and different plants indigo symbolizes for illustrations. A modern line would be paired with a modern sans-serif typeface.


Chosen Concept: 70s





color options_v2_Page_02.jpg










Branded Phrases + Pattern.


Business Cards.

business cards.png

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