Work Log: R&O Pantry


R&O Pantry

Melody Bishop and Dennis Kelley - Dallas chefs renowned for Savor and Up on Knox - started R&O Pantry in 2018 to bring a collection of their favorite flavors to shelves. We were introduced to Melody and Dennis by our friends at Tribal and have had the pleasure of working with them on several projects.

Currently, R&O is producing a Thai Spicy Sauce, their special Tomato Sauce, and a 4-8 jam varietals.

Work Logged.

+ Package DESIGN

+ website photography

+ logo design

+ headshot photography

+ deck design


Package Design.

We developed a system of four labels spanning three individual product types. Each of the three products has a front facing adhesive label with designated spaces for writing batch information.


Considering the seasonality of the jam, we were hesitant to print ingredients on the main label without knowing how often new labels would be ordered. In an effort to be both cost effective and sustainable, we designed a separate label printed with common ingredients. The ingredients specific to a batch of jam can be checked off or written in and we won’t have to worry about throwing labels away every season.


Website Photography.



When viewed as a grid, the products appear to be on a shelf or in a.. pantry.


Logo Design.

Using elements from the label, we created a mark to be used on business cards, letterhead, announcements, etc..

Headshot Photography.

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